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Here are a few links to Day Care Centres over the world, many in Stockholm, Sweden. Although the sites may be in Swedish, do take some time to look at the photos and get a feel for what a Doggy Day Care may be like (read The Future of Cassy & Co). All links open in a new window.

  1. -Solna Hunddagis; the Day Care Centre that Cassy went to for a few months. It is conveniently located between two Tube stops with bus routes along its road.

  2. -Hundbiten; a great website for a great Day Care.

  3. -Hundgrottan; a lovely spacious Day Care in the centre of Stockholm.

  1. -Wolfgang; a lovely intro on this website for an American Day Care Centre

  2. -Rottweiler Rescue; please help this excellent cause

  3. -Chalfield Dog Training Club; probably the best dog training club in the world...

  4. -Cani-X - where your dog takes you for a run!

  5. -Pit Bulls - learn more about this amazing breed here

  6. -Wood Green Animal Shelter; a fab charity, local to our North London branch

  7. - - For all your training needs, based in Finchley.

  8. - Search through a huge number of dog shelters in this one great site.

  9. - Dr Ian Dunbar’s excellent training site.

  10. - doggy video heaven!

  11. - Grand Union Pet Boutique for top quality pooch products

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