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Cassy & Co. are now proud to be official distributors of Healthy Paws 100% natural, holistic dry dog food.

Have a look at the ingredient list of your current dog food.

Does it contain ‘animal and meat derivatives’? Do you know what that is? It could also be called ‘animal by-products’, which starts to explain a little bit more. But precisely, we’re talking about heads, feet, guts, lungs, and other ‘meat’ that is not worthy of being sold for anything else.

Here at Cassy & Co. we care about your dog’s welfare.

Contact Cassy & Co. to order.

A holistic diet is one that supports the entire animal by providing

natural nutrition to support the internal biological system. The body

will essentially look after itself if it is allowed to do so. The purer the

food, the better the digestion resulting in greater nutrient absorption

and a healthier animal. A diet free from artificial additives, chemicals,

derivatives, by-products and any unnatural substances will help

maintain a healthy state. Natural ingredients will provide natural

nutrition and will assist in the ongoing normal function of the body. A

healthy animal is more disease resistant and a dog will maintain a

greater state of health when its nutritional needs are properly

supported and balanced. Diet is the key to maintaining good health.

So what are the ingredients?