Dog Walking

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Lack of exercise leads to poor muscle tone, obesity, heart ailments, bone disorders and often results in emotional and behavioural problems. Dogs with no exercise develop a great variety of physical and emotional disorders.

An exercised dog may rest more calmly at home and be less nervous when left alone. Exercise can improve dogs bone and joint health, heart, and lung function.

At Cassy & Co. we believe that dogs should be walked with both structure and fun! We achieve this by taking our dogs where they can really be themselves:

  1. -Woods; lots of nooks and crannies for the dogs to have a good old sniff around

  2. -Fields; for running and playing

  3. -Footpaths; for structure and “follow the leader” training

  4. -Lakes/streams; for playing and cooling down

Our favourite walking locations include Bestwood Park, Lambley Dumbles and Attenborough Nature Reserve.

We also do road walking but we don’t expect to be dragged along!

Dogs are social animals and we encourage interaction with other dogs. Not all dogs like each other but the vast majority at least tolerate each other, with most getting on great! Many of our dogs started off nervous or boisterous with other dogs but gradually everyone found their place and now they’re old friends. Check out our YouTube Channel for some examples of our walks.

Walks are at least an hour long, but we like walking so it’s often more!

All dogs are introduced to the Cassy & Co. van to ensure they’re comfortable being taken to their walks. All our dogs love the van as it’s associated with only good things (long walks, treats and resting).

"Confident, capable, friendly... when you have 2 big dogs it's important to get someone you know can hold their own, Cassy & Co. is just that... highly recommended by me (and the dogs!)" Carrie-Anne F., Carlton, posted on Touch Nottingham