Dog Walking

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Once your dog has mastered the walk, he/she

might find it beneficial to step it up a notch.

Young dogs (though not puppies), especially

those high energy breeds, will benefit

tremendously from travelling that little bit faster

on the walks. Does that mean we should call it

‘the runs’?

Your dog can get its own fitness program and

drain even more energy than on the walks! We

start off slowly and build up to the maximum amount of running.

During the run your dog will be monitored closely, stop for water breaks (and any other necessary breaks) and cooled down thoroughly afterwards.

As with the walks, a Walk Sheet (or this case Run Sheet) will be left after each session - detailing where we went, what time we left and came back, what the weather was like, your dog’s bowel movements, any problems encountered, and any other information we think may be useful to you.

Please note:

  1. -due to infrequent injuries, running may sometimes be substituted for cycling (the human, not the dog!).

  2. -running will be substituted for walking in hot weather and the regular walking fee will be charged.

P.S. Did you know that there is a dog running ‘league’? Cani-X is a great way to get fit with your dog. Check out their website, which you can find on the links page.

The Dog Jog