At Cassy & Co. we believe hold a few things dear and want to make sure that you, our customers, understand why we do what we do.


We believe that each dog is an individual, regardless of breed. From a

Chihuahua to a Bull Mastiff, each dog should be given the same

chances in life.

At Cassy & Co. we will never turn a dog away because of its breed and we

expect our customers to trust our judgement when it comes to socialising

their dogs with others. We would NEVER risk an accident because of a

dangerous animal, but it is important to understand that the breed does

not make the animal dangerous, the upbringing does.

Kajsa Tylen was born 5 April 1976 in Stockholm,

Sweden, where she lived until the age of five, when

her parents decided to take her and her brother all

the way to Liberia, West Africa. It was here that a

love of animals developed (having 63 cats through

the years definitely had something to do with it).

After six years in Liberia and a further two years in

Sweden, she finally arrived in England in 1989 and

took a bit of a liking to it. Spending her school days

in Cheshire and her college days in Nottinghamshire,

she finally settled on Nottingham as a place to call home. At college she trained to be a riding

instructor but decided that being kicked and bitten for a living was not for her, so she decided to pursue a career in I.T. (the obvious transition...).

Meeting Brutus was the first step in developing a love of dogs. Brutus, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was the most characterful dog she’d ever met, and then she decided to get Cassy. This resulted in a passion for all things dog - training, psychology, obedience competitions, Good Citizens, you name it!

After a few years of training Cassy, Kajsa became interested in

teaching  and was trained by the head trainer at Chalfield Dog

Training Club to become one of their dog trainers, teaching others

how to handle their dogs.

After a couple of years working abroad in Greece and Sweden, and

developing a passion for running, Kajsa decided that it was the

outdoors that she needed, not the dryness of the office air

conditioning! Cassy & Co. was born!

Kajsa’s role is to assist the dog walkers in their day-to-day work, as

well as conduct home dog training sessions.

Cassy (R.I.P.)


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dog Trainer and Founder of Cassy & Co.

Cassy was born on 3 December 1995 in a small town

in Derbyshire. Her father was Coyote Pied Pirate of

Kelinvyre and her mother was Brockstaff Sharps

Fancy of Coyote. These are obviously Kennel Club

names... Cassy has her own KC name, which is (of

course) Treasured Princess.

She arrived in her new home at the tender age of

six weeks, where she bonded with Brutus (RIP) and

her equal-aged friend Danae (RIP). She was a well

behaved pup, although she did turn into a bit of an

escape artist...

When Brutus was a little bit older, he decided that Cassy was too big to be friends with, and decided to start a few fights. This caused Cassy to develop some issues with other dogs and later (after Brutus had gone to a better place in the sky) attended dog training to get rid of these issues once and for all. Chalfield Dog Training Club (now based in East Leake) became her regular Tuesday evening haunt and helped her reach Silver status in the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme as well as a few placings in obedience competitions.

Cassy became a model citizen, getting on with just about any dog, and any human! She travelled extensively, having resided in both Greece (where she discovered a passion for swimming and sunbathing), and Sweden (where she discovered the benefits of doggy day care).

Cassy was sadly put to sleep on 13th February 2010 due to kidney failure. Her ashes were scattered in the Mediterranean Sea, at her favourite beach. She will be greatly missed.

Our Beliefs

From my earliest days there are photos of me on ponies, on cows and leaning against enormous greyhounds. I was brought up in a place where there were always lots of animals. There were 14 kennels at the back of the house. Dad bred and raced greyhounds and we loved them all. Even after the racing days we always had an old one and a young greyhound as pets, along with the occasional rescue dog. We lived half a mile out of the village and boarded peoples’ dogs there in the holidays too.

I went to agricultural college in Hampshire with intentions of being a farm secretary and working with horses or livestock. Fourteen years ago I came to Nottingham and now my son is doing his GCSEs. I decided a career change would be a good thing, got a degree and completed my PGCE, but hated being a geography teacher. I was very glad to get to the end of the last academic year and complete the contract. Then a few months ago I was out walking with my dog Hazel, when I met an interesting character in a pink hat with lots of dogs...

Since then I have been helping Kajsa with the dog walking and it is going well, so I look forward to doing more as and when needed.




Dog Walker


Dog Walker

My name is Linzi Kettlewell and I was born in Nottingham on

5 April 1975.  I have lived in Nottingham all my life and within

Beeston since 1985 so know the area well, including all the good

places for dogs to go off and explore.

I have loved animals since I can remember and ever since I was

about 12 years old it’s been a dream of mine to work with

animals.  After leaving school I worked for The Boots Company,

and although it wasn’t quite following my dream it did allow

me to enjoy my own horse and two dogs in my spare time – so a

fair compromise!

In 2005 I was made redundant from Boots and joined another

corporate company as a Project Manager.  I also got married to Neil in 2005 and we now have two children Hannah and Tom.  Returning to work after having Tom my job had changed drastically so I made the huge decision of leaving the company in January 2012.  Having had some time away from work it gave me time to consider the future and it seemed this was the perfect time for me to follow my dreams in working with animals…

I have a Lurcher cross (Sally) who gets on great with all the dogs, she loves nothing more but to play chase with the other dogs.  During my walks I like to give the dogs about 10 minutes lead walking for some structure  - it also gives any new dogs a chance to meet the rest of the gang and vice versa whilst under control.  Then once it’s safe they all get to go off lead and enjoy the open space.


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